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Why Should I Use 100% Plastic Cards?

The first and most important decision you will have to make when selecting a deck of quality playing cards is: do I want paper (also known as 'plastic coated'), or '100% plastic' cards? Paper cards are probably what you have grown up using, and they have one significant advantage over plastic, they are inexpensive to purchase. If you play with the cards gently, you can expect many hours of enjoyable use out of them. However, paper cards also have some significant limitations. As any serious card player already knows, they tend to show signs of use rather quickly by tearing, creasing, bending, or getting sticky from use. Cleaning a deck of paper cards is nearly impossible without damaging the cards at the same time.

If you are a frequent player, 100% Plastic Bridge cards offer advantages you should consider. First, 100% plastic bridge cards will last many times longer than plastic coated paper cards, on the order of 30-50 times longer! This extra durability comes at a price which may seem like a lot initially, but you will actually save money over the long haul with plastic bridge cards. Plastic cards are usually sold in pairs, known as a 'setup', and you can expect to spend anywhere from $12.95- $22.95 per setup. By investing a few more dollars today in a good setup of plastic bridge cards, you will not have to buy cards again anytime soon.

In addition to saving money over time, 100% plastic playing cards offer other worthwhile advantages:

1) Plastic Bridge cards are significantly more durable and resistant to bending, scratching, creasing.

2) Plastic Bridge cards quickly 'snap' back to their original shape quickly.

3) Plastic Bridge cards add a touch of class to your game.

4) Plastic Bridge cards are fun to deal, they slide across the table effortlessly.

5) Plastic Bridge cards are a pleasure to shuffle.

6) Plastic Bridge cards do not mark easily by players who may be tempted to 'bend the rules'.

We are confident that if you have never played with 100% plastic playing cards before, you will be impressed by how much extra enjoyment you find playing your favorite game with plastic bridge cards. The Bridge Source only sells top quality plastic cards from the most respected card producers, there are no bad choices amongst our many brands of plastic bridge cards.

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